Chief Adviser urges all to come out with relief for flood victims


Category : Fakhruddin Ahmed, Louhajang

Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed Thursday urged all government and non-government organisations and affluent individuals to go to all the flood victims with relief supplies in a well-coordinated manner so that none is deprived.

The head of caretaker government gave the call for coordinated operation as he noted with gratitude that people of all shades of opinion are now coming up spontaneously in aid of the distressed people in response to his appeal made in his address to the nation.

He said the government would formulate plans for “long-term flood protection and post-flood rehabilitation taking into account opinions of all stakeholders”.

The head of government made the call and remarks while talking with reporters and at a separate meeting with the elite of Munshiganj district at Kanokshar Union Parishad office at Louhajang after visiting and distributing relief materials in some flood-hit areas of the upazila in the afternoon.

Ahmed asked field-level government officials to implement the ministerial-level decisions in time for providing quick succour to people.

He also directed all concerned to take preparation for preventing flood-related diseases in the aftermath of the serious flooding.

“Instructions have already been given for developing seedbeds and to supply seeds to farmers in advance to recoup the colossal crop losses in the floods,” he informed his audience.

He urged people to start agricultural works as soon as the floods are over.

Ahmed also urged the local elite to stand beside distressed people equipped with whatever they have at this hour of urgency.

He said the government is trying to evacuate flood-affected people to flood shelters as many did not move out of their inundated homes into the flood-protection shelters.

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