Wealth account made public by ACC anomalous: Khoka


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Dhaka mayor Sadek Hossain Khoka has said the account of his assets made public by the Anticorruption Commission did not match what he had declared in the statement to the top graft watchdog.

The ACC Thursday told reporters that the DCC mayor in his wealth statement mentioned that his family owned five houses and six flats.

Khoka, however, told bdnews24.com Thursday evening that he submitted the wealth statement through his lawyer earlier in the day.

There were anomalies in the description of his assets made public by the commission the same day, he added.

“I didn’t say I possessed so much wealth in my statement,” the Dhaka mayor said.

The ACC at a regular news briefing told reporters that the assets Khoka declared in his statement included two houses at Gopibagh in the city in his own name, one at Munshiganj in his own name, a six-storey house in his own name at Gulshan and another government acquired house at Gopibagh.

His wife has two flats while his daughter and son each have two flats, it said.

But Khoka, also Dhaka city BNP chief, Friday morning said he did not own any house at Munshiganj, adding that the Munshiganj house belonged to his grandfather.

The Gopibagh house mentioned by the ACC was actually purchased in his mother’s name in 1963, which was subsequently acquired by the government, Khoka clarified.

The mayor said he owned one land plot and four flats in his own name, which the ACC claimed to be eight and six.

“I have a plot of land at Basundhara. I don’t know how and why the ACC gave out anomalous figures,” he told bdnews24.com.

The ACC said the mayor owned 32 decimals of land at Munshiganj and 142 decimals at Gazipur in his own name and another 1,674 decimals at Gazipur in his wife’s name.

It also said his wife had eight plots purchased in her name.

The ACC account also said Khoka’s son owned a shop at Basundhara City, the mayor and his wife had company shares worth Tk 25 lakh.

The couple also earned Tk 5.5 crore from the share market, had business capital of Tk 1.57 lakh, Tk 25 lakh in FDR and defence savings certificates worth Tk 15 lakh.

The mayor also possessed two firearms, one Lexus and another Toyota cars, ornaments worth Tk 2.5 lakh and 27 self and joint bank accounts.

His wife had 11 bank accounts and their daughter two, said the ACC, which served notices on 12 people on Nov 18, asking them to submit wealth statements.

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