Fegnasar Shiva Temple


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I had some unfinished task from Munshiganj district last weekend. So for once again I need to visit the place to cover the rest of the part. Today I have started my expedition from the “Serajdikhan” Thana. And my first spot was “Fegnasar Shiva Mondir”(Some people say this as Fegunasar).

Idrakpur Fort


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For this weekend I have chosen the district Munshiganj. This is not that much far way from the capital city Dhaka. It was a gloomy day, and for the first time I have got such a pleasant day for my tour. I have reached the town from Dhaka before 10 at morning.

Rampal Dighi and Ballal Sen's house


Category : Ballal Sen, History, Rampal Dighi

Now its time to move towards the second attraction of Munshiganj district. Its almost raining. I have hired a rickshaw and instructed him to reach at the Rampal Dighi.

Baba Adam Mosque


Category : Baba Adam Mosque, History

Twin Moth at village Shonarong


Category : History, Twin Moth

Sonarong(means golden color) is a lovely village of Tongibari union of Munshiganj district. The village has a lovely “Moth”(a place for praying for Hindu people) which is known as “Jora Moth”(“twin math”).

Modhu's Canteen: The non-political face


Category : Modhu's Canteen

Kamrul Hasan Khan
It is rarely one finds Modhu’s Canteen without the buzz of politics or the occasional chase and counter-chase of student political party activists. It has been the hub of student politics since the very first day of the inception of arts faculty of the

A gala day for Bengalees


Category : History, Kazi Liakat Hossain

Kazi Liakat Hossain
EVERYTHING under the sun looks gay and cheerful and colourful. As we celebrate Pahela Baishakh we remember that the Babylonians were in fact the first observers of New Year about 4,000 years ago. Celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays.

Inland port at Mawa


Category : English, History, Mawa, Munshigonj, Padma, Shafiuddin Ahmad

Vikrampur was South and South East Asia’s leading port in the first millennium. As we are in the third millennium, the inhabitants of the region have still held the name Vikrampur to a definite geographical region of our glorious ancient capital. The port of Mawa is identified by many to be heir to Vikrampur.

Our freedom struggle and the enemy within


Category : History

Ziauddin Choudhury
NEXT week we will observe the 37th anniversary of our independence, the day our freedom struggle began, the day blood-letting started with machine guns let loose on our innocent people by the Pakistan military junta. There will be much joy on this hard fought independence day of ours, but there will also be much sorrow remembering the millions who gave their lives for the happiness of the future generations.