Versatile, detailed, descriptive and melodramatic


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Rabeya Khatun, one of the leading female authors in Bangladesh turned 72 on December 27, 2007. Tapan Shahed revisits three of her famous novels to explore to range of her settings and powers of her description

Rabeya Khatun was born in 1935 at Bikrampur. Because her father was a civil servant, she constantly moved from town to town of the then undivided Bengal. She is versatile in her range of literary forms having written novels, short stories, plays, travelogues and memoirs. But her main identity as a writer is that of a novelist. Some of her major novels are Modhumoti, Ferari Shurjo and Ononto Onnesha. Some of her short stories are Muktijoddhar Shtri and Lal Chithi. Some travelogues include Hey Bideshi Bhor, Thames Theke Niagara, Kumari Matir Deshe, Himalaya theke Arab Shagore. She has also written some fine memoirs such as Ekattorer noy mash’ and ‘Shwapner Shohor Dhaka’.